About HRAD

Our gloves are handmade in Czechia, the country which supplies premium gloves for European market for over 150 years.

You can combine the style, color, leather, lining and stitch type yourself. Our offer includes a wide range of gloves for any occasion or season. It takes from two to six weeks to manufacture your order. We fulfill the orders from one pair. You can rely on us - no need to keep extra stock.

Attentive approach and strict quality check ensures customer's satisfaction.

It takes up to one week to deliver your order within the EU.



We use the top-quality leathers for our gloves. For black, mocca or navy colors it's goat skin. For other colors we use Ethiopian goat leather from Pittards. Less expensive leather is also possible, we use perforation which hides imperfections and gives trendy "peccary" look.

The last but not the least is American deer leather, which is mostly used for men's gloves.



Possible linings are:

warmer linings:

- 100% wool

- wool/acrylic mix

- acrylic

- 100% cashmere

- cashmere/wool mix

semi-season linings:

- pure silk

- viscose

very warm linings:

- rabbit fur

... or gloves without lining


Please note, some styles cannot be produced without lining or with fur as it affects the style look. For instance, additional seams needed for lining could spoil the design of the style.

Lining in matching or contrast color is also possible, however this is subject to availability and order quantity.



For ladies' gloves we sew inseam as it looks strict elegant. It could be trendy half-piqué or even full-piqué.

Full-piqué made by hand or machine on men's gloves gives masculine look. For classical men's styles we sew inseam.

If possible, wrist stitch is usually hand-made to prevent the tearing when putting on.


Sizes in French inches (pouces)

Most common sizes for ladies' gloves are 6" (XS), 6,5" (S), 7" (M), 7,5" (L), 8" (XL), 8,5" (XXL)

Most common sizes for men's gloves are 8" (XS), 8,5" (S), 9" (M), 9,5" (L), 10" (XL), 10,5" (XXL)

Less common sizes for men's gloves are 7,5" (XXS) and 11" (XXXL)